Prescription – SKIN REHAB (10ML/15ML)


Prescription – SKIN REHAB (10ML/15ML)

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Every moment of life reveals different needs for the skin. CODAGE Paris decodes them and brings together in the SKIN REHAB prescription the ready-to-wear care routine that responds precisely to the needs of your skin subjected to your hectic rhythm of the moment (fatigue, stress, holidays …) or during a change of season to find a new skin, healthy, detoxified. This prescription contains 5 treatments: 1. Prepare CREAM GOMMANTE – 15 ml Exfoliating, Soothing & Shine To accompany your skin in its detox cure, the Exfoliating Cream is used once or twice a week. This treatment removes impurities and dead cells while stimulating epidermal tonicity and cell renewal for a smooth, regular and radiant complexion; the skin is now ready for daily care. 2. Take action SERUM N ° 03 – 10 ml Éclat & Énergie SERUM N ° 10 – 5 ml Anti-age & Energy Once the purified skin, it is necessary to nourish it deeply. Apply morning and evening, 2 or 3 drops of SERUM N ° 03 – Radiance & Energy – to detoxify and erase all signs of skin fatigue and thus find a skin full of vitality. SERUM N ° 10 – Anti-aging & Energy – smoothes out the outline of the eye and restores all vitality to the eye. 3. Protect DAY CREAM – 15ml Protective, Smooth & Shine NIGHT CREAM – 15ml Nourishing, Anti-Aging & Detoxifying Once the serums are absorbed, the skin must be protected by a moisturizer. The Day Cream will act as a shield protecting the upper layer from external aggressions while maintaining an optimal level of comfort and hydration. The Night Cream will act during sleep, the key moment of cellular regeneration. A true concentrate of restorative nutrition, it firms the skin and fades the wrinkles night after night.