Prescription – APRES SKI (10ML/15ML)


Prescription – APRES SKI (10ML/15ML)

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Every moment of life reveals different needs for the skin. CODAGE Paris decodes them and brings together, in the AFTER SKI prescription, the ready-to-wear care routine that precisely meets the needs of your skin reddened and torn by the cold to guarantee its health, comfort, and beauty throughout the day. winter. This prescription contains 4 treatments: 1. Prepare MOISTURIZING MASK – 15 ml Nourishing Moisturizer & Radiance Once or twice a week, immerse your skin in a hydration bath thanks to the Moisturizing Mask. This treatment offers an intense nutrition envelope that regenerates and nourishes dry skin and weakened by cold while stimulating its enzymatic peeling cell renewal. The skin is comfortable, luminous, fully rejuvenated 2. Act Serum No. 01 – 10 ml Intense Hydration OH MY COLD – 10 ml Moisturizer & Repairer Once the skin is prepared, it must be deeply nourished. In the morning, apply 2 to 3 drops of OH MY COLD serum to protect, repair, instantly recharge the skin in water and lipids, and thus ensure maximum protection and hydration throughout the day. In the evening, SERUM N ° 01 – Intense Hydration – nourishes even more intensely your skin dry by the cold to give it strength, softness, and elasticity. In case of dry skin, mix and use these two sera morning and evening. 3. Protect NIGHT CREAM – 15ml Nourishing, Anti-Aging & Detoxifying Once the serum (s) absorbed (s), the skin must be protected by a moisturizer. Night Cream, a real concentrate of restorative nutrition,